My Mission: To Connect at the Point of Your Need To Create Your Best Life

Too many people settle for less in life because they don’t know what they are truly capable of. With no Personal Guide for them to turn to, they are without the help they need for them to  discover their true potential. My Mission as a Coach, now a  seasoned Student in the School of Life, is to help you find what you were born to do. To help unlock your full Human Potential within so you can passionately pursue your Life dreams with your unique Personal Development process, tailor-made just for you.


Does Your Belief System
Have You In Denial with Your Hang-Ups?


Beliefs of the Heart
Live deep within its caves.
We never know exactly how they start.
Clueless and blind to the time it saves,
Instead, we live in total Denial
Tossed by Life's Tsunami waves
As we race from Drama to Trials.


What decided to change that tune?
Are you ready to make a Mental Mind Shift?
After all, Einstein's mind got us to the moon!


What about that New-Life Start-Up?
Not later, the time is now.
Step out of Denial; release those hang-ups.
Step Up now! Shake that Stress from your brow!
Contact Coach-Chaplain Kelley to show you how.

Is it your time to experience your unique Personal Development? To discover how that feels? What is your unleased Human Potential actually capable of accomplishing for you or your Community? Let yourself dream for just a moment. What new Lifestyle Improvements can you see? Does it include significant work that makes a difference in your local Community Service or maybe the world? Or, great relationships as you answer your Calling that feeds your Soul? Or, can it be a way to get off the treadmill and start living your days, not just enduring them, as they feel like some type of Adrenaline addiction that later slips you into a mild depression? Maybe just a Plan that works to pursue the Big Dream of your heart's deep Passion?

Are you curious and asking: "What is a Chaplain?"  A Chaplain is a Care-Giiver with a deep-heart Passion to help people in all areas of their lives. This includes relationship help with multi-tasking Wives and Mothers with families to grieving, depressed Widowers, Sons and Daughters to health-recovery issues for those with addictions to those Invisible People within our communities surrounding us. Typically, Chaplains are the First-Responders to a disaster or crisis situation to comfort those in distress. Now, you receive two-for-one: Coach Life-Skills with a Chaplain's Caring Heart! 


My Client Is YOU!

My Deep-Heart-Passion is to work with people who want more and who are ready to make major changes to discover real purpose in Life. Are you that kind of person? Are you in the list below? Yes or no? Click above on the "Free Session" to contact me today:  

  • Empty Nesters  looking for a new Focus in Life after 25 years of parenting.
  • Divorced individuals who want their New Life to be better than the old one.
  • Managers whose work life has grown stale; who want a new challenge.
  • College Students or Grads who can’t decide what to do with their lives.
  • Dreamers who want to change the world and don’t know how to start.
  • YOU?

Who Is Coach-Chaplain Kelley?

She is the first Flower of Spring pushing through the hard, cold ground of all her past Winters; stronger and more vibrant as each Season passes...She is the exhausted, frail Butterfly emerging from the restricted "cocoons" of her life, resting briefly to restore her strength on Life's leaf as she warms herself with the Son's healing rays of Light...She is the soaring Eagle always flying higher to strengthen her wings against the hurricanes of Life...She is the nurturing Mother and Grandmother, matured by Life's battlefield experiences...She is a Real Friend who can always be trusted to guide your steps on God's Pathway with Love, Grace, Mercy, Truth and Tough Love as needed...She is the Visionary knowing your unique Talents and Special Skills are so desperately needed for God's work in the Urban Jungles to point the Way to those trapped, needing help...She is your Partner that you may never know completely because she is always traveling Life's Road of Growth and Change.



  • Professional Life Coach training through Coaching Cognition and on-track by Dec. 31, 2011 to receive my Certification. Accredited with ICF: International Coach Federation, the foremost International Coaching Certification Agency. Offering accredited Coach Training programs, certification and a Code of Ethics. 
  • Certified Coach by Dec. 31, 2011.
  • Certified Sr. Chaplain through IFOC: International Federation of Chaplains.
  • Graduate of Celebrate Recovery Women's 12-Step Study Program: Completed nine-month Recovery Program with weekly meetings and homework.
  • Self-Grief Process : 6-year personal grief recovery as a Displaced Housewife looking for a full-time job after the unexpected death of my husband in 2005.  

Community Service / Trainings

  • Symposium: "Pain Behind the Badge": Job Stress/Suicides of Community First Responders. Identified early symptoms.
  • Community Emergency Response Team: (C.E.R.T.) Community Disaster Trainings.
  • Operation OC/Rescue Mission: Volunteer Orientation. Disaster Response Education Training.
  • Hope Force Intensive Training:  Crisis Relief / Trauma Aid / Grief Counseling / Conflict Resolution / Cross-Cultural Sensitivity / Disaster Reality: Meeting Needs for Housing, Food, Water.
  • Chaplain Training: "Hospital Visits: Be There and Be Prepared".
  • Billy Graham Assoc. Rapid Response Training (RRT): "Sharing Hope in Crisis".
  • Volunteer: Medical Team / Cottonwood Church: First Aid Provider during Sunday a.m. Services and Church Events.
  • Volunteer Leader for Cottonwood Church Celebrate Recovery Newcomers 101 Class: Presented overview information for CR Classes and 12-Step Recovery Progams.
  • Stay-at-Home Care Giver for Chronically-Ill Husband until his Death: From 2000 to 2005.
  • Prison Outreach: Writing and delivering a monthly newsletter to Prison Inmates at Chino Men's Prison with husband.
  • Administrator of Two Separate "Transition Homes": For men and/or women on parole to provide a "Safe House" with room and board to help them transition from prison due to addictions, robberies, etc. to mainstream society with Recovery Programs to stay "clean and sober".
  • Outreach / Street Ministry: Through a local "Biker" Church to help addicted persons get "clean and sober" through the Church Recovery Process: "Beans, Rice and Jesus Christ" to deal with hardcore personalities.

– Coach-Chaplain Kelley –


  Confidence Stolen

Confidence is stolen by the Enemy of Life;
He's the one who creates the Strife!
With Put-Down Words 
He invades your Mind;
THAT's how he controls the herds.
Planting Seeds of Doubt
Into people's Hearts
As they run-round-about
Trying to fill those Lost Parts
Of their Crying Souls;
The Enemy rushes ahead of their Judgment Bowls.
Grabbing, tripping, stealing
Creating Mixed-Messages of Feelings.
Only the One has your Truth.
It's another Path to try
Because THIS Path leads to the Sky...
For Eternity;
NOT the Forever Fire
But of Love, Grace and Mercy!

– Coach-Chaplain Kelley –  

© 2010  

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