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Want to learn more before you dive into a coaching relationship? I offer a FREE Exploratory Session where you can kick the tires and find out if coaching is really for you. You may also be wondering: "What's a Chaplain?"  A Chaplain is a Care-Giiver with a deep-heart Passion to help people in all areas of their lives. Typically, Chaplains are the First-Responders to a disaster or crisis situation to comfort those in distress. I am credentialed with IFOC (International Fellowship of Chaplains). Now you receive two-for-one: Coach Life-Skills with a Chaplain's Caring Heart!

Because you want a Coach you can really connect with: we'll start by getting to know each other a little bit, talk about your objectives, what to expect in a coaching relationship, and what would make this a great success for you (click here to read some great articles on what coaching is and how to find a great Coach). If you’ve never been coached, I’ll demonstrate for a few minutes to show you what it’s like. I want you to make an informed decision so we only launch a coaching relationship if you are 100% ready to leap forward.

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